Free 6 speech therapy tips for children

Free 6 speech therapy tips for children

Most of the parents complain that their children won’t sit or work with them by staying at one place, like how they do in the clinical set up. We thought it would be helpful for our parents if we could give some tips on improving the child’s speech & language at home. Today we are giving Free 6 speech therapy tips for children.

Main reasons for your child’s speech delay are because,

1) Parents provide their needs before children ask for it
2) Due to being over exposed to screen time...

So as parents you need to keep your child away from these behaviors if you want them to develop.

TIP #1 

Self talk is one way to approach your child. As parents you need to comment on each movement/task of yours in simple language and let your child hear it.

Take any situation, such as in the kitchen. So every day when you prepare your meals, take your child with you and comment about what you are doing.
” I’m going to prepare our dinner, now I’m going to cut potatoes , can you please pass the potatoes…..after cutting I’ll put those in to a pot…”

This way keep commenting on your actions. Child will pick those in time and improve his/her vocabulary.

TIP #2 

Teach your child to use the table and chair. Most of the parents will allow their child to play on the floor but ultimately child will only learn to move here and there instead of doing his/her work by sitting in one place. So teach them to do their work on the tabletop.

TIP #3 

Don’t allow them to just play. As parents talk with them, ask questions from them even if they don’t reply. If they wont answer, you tell the answer also. Ask questions as much as you can.

TIP #4 

Make a list of your child’s preferences (eg food,toys,songs…) and use those to get the work done. This will help you and your speech & language therapist to use those as reinforces in future.

TIP #5

If your child is attending speech therapy, ask your speech therapist about the goals/ activities they are working on and practise those at home

TIP #6 

Next question will be “How many times?”
I would say 300 times per day
More trials you do,more results you get.

Because those were selected according your child’s capabilities, so the more you practice better the effects are.

Make sure to talk with your child as much as possible.

If you think engaging in these Free 6 speech therapy tips is a tedious job or that the child is not willing to cooperate you can consult a speech therapist. Before you go to meet your speech therapist we would recommended you to read this.

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