Online Speech Therapy

A speech therapist conducting an online speech therapy session with a female patient

Now, There’s no need to worry! The online speech therapy session that you were eagerly waiting to go to, is a CLICK away.

Miracle L offers online speech therapy for children as well as adults at an affordable cost.

Here is your chance to be anywhere in the world and develop your communication skills.
We have decided to go way beyond the classroom set up and bring about an innovative way to approach you via online sessions! 

If your child has Language Disorders, Autism, Downsyndrome, Stuttering/Stammering, Voice Disorders, Pronouncing Difficulties,’s us helping your way up the speech ladder through online sessions.

If you are Stuttering / Stammering, suffered with a Stroke recently, affected with Voice Disorders such as puberphonia (males having high pitch) etc. here’s your chance to build the confidence that you have lost. 
A professional approach,And a thorough guidance via virtual speech therapy!