Autism is unique

I am writing this just to say, how each child with autism spectrum disorder who are in the same age group is different from one another before they start a speech therapy session.

Characteristics of autism is different and its unique. Because of that, parents will ignore some of the behaviors of the Autism Spectrum Disorder which their child shows. So keep in mind that children with autism are unique.

The plot

There were 4 children who were diagnosed as autistic and these are few characteristics which they showed during that time and all were in a room with few toys.

Here comes the first. He keeps running around the room. Then he explains each and everything around him and he associates it to his day to day life.
He saw a picture of a cake, he start saying “Let’s make a cake” he again say “I’ll eat cake” then he utter the word “Chocolate”.

All these he told without any help, it was totally independent. He talk to himself and he try to associate things around what he saw, in that case it was a “cake”.

Then he grabs a toy and shows it to others and ask “play play” and asking other kids to join. At times he calls by name of a kid also. He also read some words from a book.

While he was doing all these activities the other girl was sitting next to her father and reading a newspaper. She was not concentrating about other kids who was talking or anything that was happening around her.

The third kid watching all these silently didn’t utter a word but he was smiling with everyone and making faces with me. After 10-15 min he spoke few words with me very softly. As I understood he wanted to play with other kids and but he didn’t want to ask. So he mainly lacks communication skills & social interaction.

Last child grabs a toy and he starts playing with it on the floor. He keeps doing this action again and again without any interaction with children around him.

Take home message; each child have different phases. As parents, speech therapists or any other professional, we need to understand it and help them to grow.

I am sure that you will have another story to tell us, so share your experience about your super kid and let others understand about it.

Keep in mind that children who falls on autism spectrum disorder are unique and we need to address their issue in unique way.

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