Speech development at home

Speech therapy: Speech development at home

Have you noticed a change in speech development at home with the current trends of many people moving into apartments? Try reading this post 10 years from now, and you will still agree with me.

Mark my words, this piece of advise will help you and your family in years to come. As adults we remember what we did in our childhood on weekends, after school or during school vacations. We used to visit our cousins, stay over at their place, play a game of cricket with other children or ride a bike to show it off to our friends, collect different cards with friends, etc …

Now think about you or child. How many of you allow him/her to play with your neighboring kids?

At our households, it was necessary to play an active role as a family member. The family meant a lot to us. So our parents always gave us a chance to help each other. We learnt many new skills,told many stories at the family dinner table,etc. There was room for speech development at home.

If you take a look at the Colombo skyline you will realise that it is changing drastically.

Nowadays, many parents in Colombo move in to these apartments with their kids. They do not know the pros and cons of how it will affect their child. Have you ever wondered where they are going to play? Rooftop garden? Do you really allow them to play or do you think it’s too risky?

Pros & Cons on your child’s communication

I have met parents who live in apartments and in single storied houses. As a Speech Language Pathologist is not my duty to take decisions about your life. I don’t mind where you live, but I do care about your child’s Speech and Language development.

Most of the parents realize the truth of it only when we speak to them.They realize the truth of it and say, ” We used to play with other kids and we had a really great time back then.But our kids don’t have that opportunity”.

About speech development

This happens mostly because parents are really worried about the society. We cannot blame them because on a daily basis you hear shocking news. This ripple effect is taking place in many other countries too. Studies on this area suggests that there is a huge risk in parents isolating their children with phones,etc.

That doesn’t mean that we should forget the childhood activities we used to do. We still need to give our children a play time.It should be a time for interaction with peer groups just like what we had when we were kids.

Sometimes you find kids going to the same school/play school but they won’t interact when they are in the apartment. Do you remember how you went to your friends home (who lived 2,3 lanes apart from yours), and asked for permission from their parents to go to the ground to play?

It was very enjoyable for us back then. But does your children know how great it is to unite and play?

Do you realise that your children are not used to going out. To be frank, we don’t find many play grounds like those days. That’s because we are all caught up in a rat race where children are trained to play inside the house. They are not allowed to mingle with the society until they reach a certain age group.

You need to focus more on your kids. Let them have good social interaction and communicate with other kids. Speech development at home is necessary. It will eventually help them to work on their Speech and Language skills.

You can read more details about play from our post. We also recommend you to share this post with any parents who would find this article helpful.

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