Play to develop speech

Today we are going to tell you the importance of play to develop children with speech delays. As speech & language pathologists we always recommend your children to play with their bothers & sisters or with you (parents). Unfortunately it is not happening in the current society. Most of the parents are busy with work so the kid will miss their play time. In situations like this i would recommend them to send their kid to a play school along with regular speech therapy.

Don’t get me wrong, all we are trying to do is giving your child another chance to interact with others. This should not be the best in town. You can find a place near your home and get the child to mingle with new faces and interact with them on a daily basis.

Because a play school will be the ideal platform where you can find a peer group for your child.

Nowadays most of the families have one or two kids. So activities involved with play and social interaction is very limited.This is why it is necessary to know the benefits of play to develop speech.

How play school will be helpful while attending speech therapy

When a child attends play school, the child will develop his/her pragmatic skills and during speech therapy they will develop their speech and other language skills. These need to go hand in hand. So make sure your child gets enough play and Speech and Language stimulation at the same time.

Also, even after we send the child for play school still there is a tendency they could be idling (sit alone) and playing alone. Talk to the teacher and plan a daily routine where the child gets a chance to engage with others. Do not forget the importance of play to develop speech.

As a parent communicate with both teacher and Speech Therapists and update them on the goals that the Speech Therapist is working on. That will be a great help for everyone and especially your child.

Meanwhile don’t forget that the Speech therapists will be working for their Speech and Language goals. As a result your child will develop miraculously which will relieve you from your parental pressure and concerns with regard to child’s growth and development.

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