Give an opportunity for your child to speak

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Do you give an opportunity for your child to speak at home? Will you allow them to get their needs just by crying or in any other way rather than asking for it? Then it is time to stop it. This is the most harmful thing you can do a to a child these days. We know that you love your child more than the world, however you will understand why we are telling you that it is okay for a child to cry by reading this post.

Every human have basic needs such as,

1) Food 
2) Toileting 
3) Protection 
4) Clothes 

So now as parents you have a window to use these needs and give a chance for your child to speak

We as humans need to communicate our needs somehow. It can be by any mode of to communication such as;

i) Crying 
ii) Gesturing or Pointing 
iii) Verbally 

The first mode of communication of a human being is the birth cry. Thereafter, we evolve by gesturing and then saying one word.If your child is older than 2 years he/she must express their needs by using simple two words..

But unfortunately some parents cannot understand this. What they do is, as soon their child cries they willingly give whatever they want without getting any verbal outputs from the child or by analysing their facial expressions. Read our free speech therapy tips to get an idea on how to improve their communication skills.

Your child is really smart…he/she will understand this behavior of parents and after some time they will know that by crying he/she can get their needs. Because of that their communication will be restricted only to nonverbal communication..

Dear parents wait until your child is asking for their needs from you give an opportunity for your child to speak. You MUST prompt them to communicate. This is the only method to expand their vocabulary

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